The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess


Cough. The lurgy has spread to my lungs, and I spend my nights propped up on loads of pillows, making hideous phlegmy noises. I look and sound like a consumptive. Actually, I found out yesterday that my grandad, who died of emphysema when I was 5, actually was a consumptive! Well, to put it in more modern terms, he had TB and was in a sanitorium for a year back in the '50s. But yes, consumption is in my blood, so I am going to take it easy today and watch Robin of Sherwood and read more of the (excellent, so far) new Sarah Waters book. Cough! I am like Mollser in The Plough and the Stars. Well, my lungs are like her, I doubt she was a Robin fan. Thank heaven for the wondrous Patsington, who is tending to my every sickly whim and being his usual lovely self.

Also, I am faintly amazed by how many Christmas presents I have now sorted out. Of course, my pride will doubtless come before a fall, and the internet-ordered gifts won't come in time, and it'll turn out that the recipients of the shop-bought gifts already have the items in question, and Ju Ju will eat the presents that are left. And I still haven't got anything for my mother. Or some of my friends. But still. Allow me some smugness for now.
Tags: livejournal lurgy, woe is me

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