The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

my tiny hands are frozen

I staggered around to the shops in my feeble consumptive state to buy some milk, and when I arrived home I noticed the post van was parked down the road, delivering something to another house. But when I opened my door, I found a missed-delivery notice, meaning that I had missed a delivery by that very postie by mere seconds. And would have to either somehow find my way out to the sorting office (which is five miles away, in the middle of nowhere, not on any bus route) or beg the post office to resend the parcel tomorrow, which they might do if they feel like it, and then again might not. The frustration! Unless....

Yes! The van was still there! So I ran down the road, hailed postie-with-a-van, and was presented with a package of new literary catalogues (not hugely exciting, but useful) and my last Bpal order, which is exciting, to me anyway - full bottles of delicious frothy Zephyr and spicy Block Buster, and lovely, lovely free imps. Oh, I love Bpal! I wasn't expecting this delivery for weeks, as my previous orders took, like, three months, and I ordered this in late September, after getting imps of Zephyr and Block Buster in my last order. So huzzah for speedy Bpal!

I am still consumptive, though. Cough.
Tags: bpal, livejournal lurgy
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