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things i love today

1. Sunny winter days

2. Making fresh soup in the warm, golden kitchen with Radio 4 playing in the background. This is a double love, (hey, that's the name of the first Sweet Valley High book! "It's a game of double love, with Todd as the prize!") because I love making vegetable soup. I find it enormously soothing, chopping up the nice fresh veggies and chucking them into the deliciously scented pot of Marigold bouillon and just stirring away while the lovely aroma wafts around the kitchen. And I also, of course, love Radio 4. But I particularly like listening to it while knitting or cooking - I don't know why. Anyway, it's a perfect combination. And the finished soup is delicious too, of course!

3. My new Go Pirates! hoodie

4. The look on Ju Ju's face when she sneezes. An expression of pure surprise.

5. The weird Fairport-esque folk songs Patsington and I have been writing together recently

6. Text messages that make you laugh out loud in public

7. Getting cool stuff in the post

8. The fact that when Patsington and I were lying in bed last night bemoaning our financial state, mid-whine we just sort of looked at each other and started laughing.
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