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Having spent a rollicking evening drinking Gluhwein, eating falafels and riding around on the carousel with barsine at the Christmas fair, followed by chai and brownies in Starbuck's*, I am now at home, where I am taking a break from wrapping presents by the light of the tree to reflect on my own nerdiness, inspired by what I am listening to. Which is possibly my most nerdish possession ever: my Vintage Archers tape set.

I think my geek status is assured by my ownership of this item (and if it weren't, my Buffy Top Trumps cards would do the trick). And you? What are your most geekeriffic possessions? Come on, if you're reading this, you've got to have loads....

*I LOVE Starbuck's. If Dublin, like civilised cities, had lots of or indeed any good coffee shops that let you lounge around for hours, I would have no affection for this mighty interloper. But the fact is, it's filling a niche that needed to be filled - for a decent, comfy coffee place that's open late. My fondest memories of Bewleys are of the times when you'd end up there after the pubs had shut and stay there for hours drinking weak tea and having pretentious student conversations - there's nowhere like that now. Starbuck's doesn't come close to the charm of sitting by the fire in an obscure corner of a rambling Victorian building, but it's better than nothing. And their chai lattes are gorgeous.
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