The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Just play the fucking note

There was a programme on the other night called "the ultimate sitcom" - yet another stupid list show, although at least in this one the winners were actually chosen by other sitcom writers, producers and performers. When it came to Father Ted, however, I was enraged. Because they had a few Irish people saying how, like most of us, they were convinced when Father Ted began that no one outside here could possibly get a vast amount of the jokes. And then it cut to some British writers and producers saying how "Irish" it was - over footage of Jack being drunk and Dougal being an idiot. Which is both (a) enormously racist and (b) totally misunderstands what made it Irish, which were all the injokes (like Ted, in a 1995 episode, cheering on a horse called Divorce Referendum). Yes, idiotic English sitcom producers, we have no culture of our own and the only thing that makes us different from you is being drunk and stupid! And Catholic, of course. Cheers!
Tags: identity politics, preposterous irish stereotype alert, raaar

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