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Last night, Patsington and I were entertaining an old chum who now lives in furrin parts. A few other old chums said they might drop in. Patsington and the first old chum dropped into the off licence and picked up a big box of bottled beer on their way here (Patsington was giving him - the first chum - a lift). Quite a few of the other old chums turned up, and an impromptu party ensued, which was a lot of fun. I drank wine for a while and switched to mango smoothies before I consumed enough wine to give me a hangover (I did smoke six cigarettes, though). Patsington and others persuaded an unfortunate guest who wasn't drinking because she was driving to take them to the off licence to buy ANOTHER big box o' beer. Which they consumed. And the end result was that when I came down this morning, the house smelled like a brewery. And still does, even though I've opened several windows. Now it smells like a freezing cold brewery. And I am in no mood for sitting in a freezing brewery. I went to bed at about half past one, and left Patsington and four others sharing dreadful memories of college summers in Germany. They shared these memories, and lots of beer, until the wee hours, while I went to bed and couldn't sleep because of the sounds of their hilarity. So I re-read Three Men in a Boat for about an hour until I fell asleep through sheer exhaustion. Despite this, however, Patsington is fresh as a daisy this afternoon, while I, who didn't drink very much, am totally knackered. It's not fair!
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