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I'd been looking forward to the new Nellie McKay album for ages, because her first one was my favourite album of 2004, so I was thrilled when I heard it was coming out at the beginning of January. And then lo, a few weeks ago it disappeared from my wishlist on Amazon because "this item is no longer available". And then I found out that the release had been cancelled because Ms McKay had got into some huge row with her label. Which sucked. But then! It dawned on me, rather belatedly, that the album might be floating around on the internet somewhere. Which it was. And I have it! And it's fantastic! So weirdly poppy and show-tuney and spiky. I love Nellie McKay. She makes the sort of music I'd love to make. I would kill to see her do Polly in the new Broadway Dreigroschenoper (that's Threepenny Opera to non-Deutschers).

Also, yesterday I heard part of Peter and the Wolf on the radio and it reminded me of how utterly fantastic the music is. Yes, I know it's always seen as a fluffy kids' piece, but seriously, just listen to it. I absolutely adored the music when I was a kid, and it still stands up. Go and listen to the hunters' theme - it's just so cool. I need more Prokofiev - the only other stuff I have is Romeo and Juliet...
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