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Yet More Navel-Gazing

Another survey, stolen from yiskah and jinxremoving

What do you do to make money: I'm an arts journalist. I write about books and music and pop culture. Technically, it's my dream job, but there are drawbacks.

Do you like it: I love the writing. I haven't had a raise in three years and I hate my employers so much I'm scared I'll do something violent.

Look to your left: Star fairy-lights, a pile of books, a Klimt-homage picture I did when I was 17, a '70s poster that says 'SO LONG AS WOMEN ARE NOT FREE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT FREE'.

Look to your right: The other end of the star fairy-lights, Elund the evil velvet Liberty frog, a Chinese lantern, a pile of shoe-boxes containing CDs, a fancy Parcel cube filled with comics, my wardrobe with its frieze of Mandarin/English picture-word cards, with a Cath Kidston bag hanging from the wardrobe handle.

Which book has changed the way you live: Umm, it's rather dated, but Backlash, which I read in 1993, definitely changed the way I looked at the world around me, epecially the media.

Have you ever left someone you loved: Yeah. Literally left. I was going back to Ireland after what really was the best summer of my life in Boston. I had to leave a boy I loved very much. Saying goodbye to him was one of the most hideously painful things I have ever done. The airport was just....aw, jesus, I haven't been in love with him for years, and I find myself tearing up remembering our last few days. Pure misery for both of us. Lots of crying and, well, sex.

Has someone you loved ever left you: By default (see above). And yes, I've been dumped.

The president has asked to see you, what do you say to him: I'm assuming this doesn't mean the Irish president? Fuck it, I'll assume it does. And I'd say that I hate Fianna Fail.

A beautiful woman/man is over at your apartment, what music do you put on: Chet Baker.

What is your favorite poster/artwork in your apt/house: Hmmm. I have a wonderful poster over my bed that I stole off a wall in Berlin. It's for an underground party and is yellow with a big brick in the middle, and then lots of German writing (that sounds like I have no idea what it says, but me and my German Literature degree understand it just fine).

Behind your back people call you: God only knows. I don't want to.

Had you an army, which country would you invade:
Well, I'm pretty anti-military, but, yeah, America. Bet all the Europeans are saying that, but there you go...


Jan. 21st, 2003 03:58 am (UTC)
Yes, all the Europeans are saying that! All those on my friends list, at least.


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