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Last night Patsington and I downloaded Heat Vision and Jack. It's the 1999 pilot for a show that never got picked up, a kind of Knight Rider/action film spoof directed by Ben Stiller and starring Jack Black as an astronaut whose brain was expanded when he flew too near the sun and Owen Wilson as his room-mate-turned motorbike, Heat Vision. And good Lord, it's hilarious. Well, it is if you find the idea of Jack Black exclaiming "I...know....EVERYTHING!" while whirling in an intentionally dreadful special effects-made vortex filled with symbols of his vast knowledge hilarious. And I do. Plus, the villain is Ron Silver. Playing himself. As a NASA killer who "does a bit of acting on the side". And Owen Wilson is playing a talking motorbike. Sadly, I am not surprised that it never got picked up, as the jokes are kind of unsustainable, but the pilot is fantastic. And it has caused Patsington and I to regularly cry "I KNOW EVERYTHING!" at each other, a joke that has proved remarkably sustainable around our house so far...
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