The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

this is what is currently cracking me up:

The TV ad for the serialisation of Jordan's "new autobiography" (her second!) in the News of the World, in which Ms Price woodenly tells us that this literary gem will include details of her wedding, her kids, and (this is the bit that sends me into hysterics) "my sexual adventures". She delivers the last three words with an indescribable mixture of woodenness and lasciviousness that makes me and Patsington's brother David laugh every time the ad airs. It reached the stage that if one of us was in the kitchen when the ad came on the telly, we would run back in to the sitting room to catch her trying to look sexy while clunkily hinting at the sordid secrets contained in these revelations. Unintentional comedy gold!

So what are you finding particularly funny at the moment?
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