The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Earlier this week, the lovely and generous glitzfrau* presented me with two skeins of beautiful, beautiful mohair wool, and advised me to use it for lace-making purposes. An excellent scheme, thought I! So I was looking around for easy(ish) lace scarf patterns and found this on Knitty - it said it was a good one for lace beginners. I've been able to follow the pattern okay. But because the beautiful wool is so fine and fluffy it's very hard to knit two stitches together. It just took me - no exaggeration - ten minutes to knit three stitches together when the pattern required it. AND IT IS DRIVING ME TOTALLY FUCKING CRAZY OMFG! There must be an easier way. Or perhaps I am just a terrible, terrible knitter when it comes to slightly convoluted stuff. The latter is the most likely, alas.

Also, new clothing related icon!

*I just realised I never publically paid homage to the gorgeous knitted-flower-and-ribbon bracelet/choker she made me for Christmas - thanks again, H! It is very, very pretty and I love it.
Tags: knitty gritty
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