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ooh, he does look like a toff, doesn't he?

BBC7 have started airing a new (to me) vintage crime series about a character with the greatest name ever. This is what he says at the beginning of every programme:
"My name is Richard Rollison - the Honourable Richard Rollison, actually - but I think most people would know me better as...the Toff."

And he is refered to as "the toff" quite regularly, and every time it happens I laugh. This series is called "The Toff and the Runaway Bride", but according to the BBC listings, next week we will be treated to "The Toff on the Farm" which is even better. It's not quite up to the standard of '50s smoothie sleuth Paul "by Timothy, women are extraordinary!" Temple, but it's pretty close. How I love BBC7! Where else could I get my dose of vintage crime capers? And if you go to the "listen again" pages of the BBC7 site, you can hear the Toff too. He is yet another radio amateur sleuth with a frankly shocking disregard for the law, although so far he seems to be slightly more sensible than Paul Temple and his wife Steve, who were always opening suspicious parcels which then turned out to be bombs. But I've only heard three episodes so far....
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