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Today I went to my first ballet class in about twenty years. And ow, my legs hurt.

It was advertised as an "adult beginners" class, but if I wasn't familiar with ballet terms I would have been completely confused in the first few minutes - I knew what she meant when she said "feet in first" and "arms up to fifth", but plenty of my classmates didn't. It moved really quickly, and because of the situation of the barre there were times when I couldn't see the instructor.

But I really, really enjoyed it. I think it could have been better, especially if the barre had been situated in a place that ensured the teacher was always visible to all (it was a free standing one in the middle of the room). But still, it was fun. I actually found it because of a comment someone left in my Liffey Rivers entry about adult classes - I googled the school, rang them this morning, and found to my amazement that the new term of classes was starting this evening and there were a few places left. Apparently they might be starting tap soon, which I think I might enjoy a bit more, but this is fulfilling my dancing needs for the moment....
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