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This weekend was fabulous. It involved the following things.

1. Drinking wine, making omelettes, eating mini-eggs and watching Casanova (the sexy, witty, gleefully anachronistic and blissful-to-look-at Russell T. Davies/David Tennant one, not the Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller snore-fest) with glitzfrau on Friday night

2. Spending pretty much all of Saturday hanging out with La Glitz in my gaff, lazily sipping tea, eating oven chips and watching Inspector Morse while glitzfrau read my copy of Cotillion. A perfect lazy day!

3. Hanging out with my oldest chums on Saturday night in my friend L's delightful house, eating delicious food and consuming yet more wine. If Patsington and I could afford to buy a house anywhere, I'd buy this one because it is small but not too small, has gorgeous high ceilings and is in a great location in my native land of Drumcondra.

4. Meeting the wonderful seriouspenguin and the Penguin Consort. leedy, Mr leedy, Patsington and I met the American visitors for a gorgeous brunch in Odessa, after which we showed them around our rather scenic alma mater before repairing to Mulligan's, that well known drinking establishment, where we spent the afternoon downing pints (well, two pints in my case), introducing the visitors to the charms of Irish afternoon pub culture (rude old man who glowered and "sssh"ed at us every time our laughter threatened to disturb his surly alcoholism. I mean, really loud rude people are annoying in public, but six people who are just laughing among themselves IN A PUB are hardly disturbing the peace), and discovering that there is a vending machine in the men's toilets that sells disposable vibrators.

Let me say this again.


I can still barely believe it myself! But when Patsington's friend E, who had joined us for a bevvy, informed us that he'd noticed the condom machine was selling something described as a "battery operated sexual stimulating device" for a fiver, it was a matter of seconds before we were pooling our coins and a trip was made to purchase what turned out to be called....the Vibrotron. Designed, it said on the box, for "single use only" (which could mean an awful lot of things), it turned out to be, basically, a translucent hot-pink rubber ring with a tiny bumpy vibrator attached to it. It was pretty powerful, too, as we discovered when it was turned on and placed on the table, and we debated buying a few of them and making them have races across the table (we could even have taken bets!) but decided that one Vibrotron was more than enough. Every so often one of us would look at it and say "I can't believe they sell disposable vibrators in Mulligans", and in fact today I wondered if I'd actually imagined it, so ludicrous is the whole thing. I mean, it would still have been surprising if it had been in the loo of a club or something, but Mulligans? A proper, old-fashioned pub? But there it is.

By the way, in case you're wondering, the Vibrotron was chucked in a bin on the way out, so its powers have not been tested (apart from its powers of amusement and ability to move around a table). I mean, I'm sure it's pretty effective, but the fact that it was thrown about a table and handled by six people meant that no one was eager to try it out...
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