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i predict a riot - oh, wait, I totally didn't

Oh, what an exciting few days it's been. Yesterday I was on my way into town to meet glitzfrau and see a (Chinese) documentary about Ireland's Chinese community at the Chester Beatty, when I got a phonecall from a worried Glitz. She'd got a lift from niallm and heard on the news that Dublin's streets were in uproar. Initially I was just "bah, I don't want to miss the film, I've come all the way into town, I bet it's not that bad." Then a minute later I got off the bus on Clare Street, outside Greene's, and was faced with a flaming upside-down car and a street full of shattered windows. People were saying it was a car bomb (it wasn't, but it was still pretty fucking scary) and I could hear roaring in the near distance. So I turned around, rang La Glitz who was about a mile away from me at this stage, and we both headed for the canal, eventually meeting up near Portobello and heading off to Rathmines for some much needed sustenance. After some chai and hot chocolate, we headed off down the canal again to the house of radegund and niallm and the Oyster, and they were delightful hosts, feeding us delicious dhal (the grown-ups) and being particularly charming and hilarious (the Oyster). And glitzfrau and I paid a visit to the excellent Rathmines second-hand bookshop, and I am now the owner of a batch of trashy Victoria Holts (preposterous gothic historical novels written in the '50s and '60s), a biography of Dorothy L. Sayers, Rumer Godden's The Peacock Spring which I loved in my teens, and a '50s novel by Elizabeth Taylor (the novelist, not the friend of Michael Jackson), whose writing I've been meaning to try for a while. So it ended up being a nice day after all.

But I'm horrified by the rioting, and am disgusted that this happened in my city, that a bunch of fucking nutjobs could tear up O'Connell Street for no other reason than trouble-making and nastiness. I don't think the 'Love Ulster' parade was a good idea at all - if a group of Unionists really wanted to build bridges with the south, the last thing you should do is bring out the parading flags and fucking drums, as they don't exactly have peaceful connotations, and there seemed to be no purpose in it but provocation and obnoxiousness, but it was the nationalists and the rent-a-yobs who did the brick-throwing and car-burning, and if they wanted to remind us why a united Ireland is both undesirable and unworkable, they did a great fucking job.
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