The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Yet another reason to hate Ryan Tubridy.

Senator David Norris called in to leave message about the gay history of Temple Bar- Ryan read the message – ‘the world would still be waiting for Temple Bar only for the energy of the gay community who started the whole thing off.’ Ryan replies ‘and they’ll take credit for that too (laughs) and why not.’ He finishes the programme.

Can't you just hear that horrible patronising little "and why not"? OH MY GOD I HATE HIM. Why does he have a media career? Seriously, who likes listening to him in all his pompous, pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, patronising glory? He comes across like a slightly stupid person who thinks he's terribly clever, who doesn't actually consume any culture (can you imagine him reading anything? He probably thinks The Pope's Children is hard-hitting sociology) but thinks he's terribly sophisticated. And if I can be forgiven the hyperbole, he sums up everything bad about Irish culture, and RTE in particular. God, I hate him.
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