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Do you want to both laugh and squee? I think you do. So just google image "golden snub nosed monkey".

If you have access to the BBC, I hope you've been watching Planet Earth, because it RULES, and not just because last night it introduced me to the funniest-looking, cutest monkey ever. The snow leopard (which took over two years to film)! The panda baby! The astonishing mountain scenery! David Attenborough (only narrating, alas, so we didn't get to see him being winched up into a tree or roaming across the desert or anything, but you can't have everything)! It's so good.

What is not good, however, is my health - I have developed a hideous sore throat and can't swallow without tremendous pain. So I am currently in bed feeling sorry for myself. I shall spend today knitting and listening to Radio 4.
Tags: wild beasts, woe is me
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