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Watch Pat Kenny NOT make a fool of himself while interviewing the lesbian couple who are trying to have their Canadian marriage recognised under Irish law.

The Late Late is and always has been a sort of barometer of Irish society, and I am very heartened by the audience's response to this segment - it starts with the obligatory token invited wingnuts, but when the ordinary people start speaking, the cheers and applause their supportive comments elicited from the rest of the audience brought a genuine tear to my eye - especially the middle aged bearded bloke who just said "fair play to them." And when Kenny asked the audience if they were in favour of gay marriage, following the report that our glorious leader said that Ireland would never go for such a thing, the majority of hands went up.

"Bertie, you were wrong," said a beaming Pat.

Sniff. My country isn't great, but it just might be getting better.

Link from Maman Poulet.


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Mar. 16th, 2006 05:51 pm (UTC)
You know, I've always had a soft spot for Pat Kenny ever since the time I saw him send himself up with his cameo in Eat The Peach: he never takes himself too seriously, which seems to be a dreaded disease of many in the Irish Meadja, especially the broadcast end. I remember a number of occasions on The Pat Kenny Show when he came across as simply a decent bloke in his interviews and programming choices, when others were trying desperately to be as cool and edgy as RTE would allow (which was not much, so they mainly ended up just looking desperate.)
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