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who could ask for anything more?

If over the last 24 hours you've heard a strange noise in the distance, a noise that sounds like it could be a bag of buckets falling down the stairs, and you've been wondering what it is, well, wonder no more! For the noise is ME, me and my tap shoes, who were gloriously reunited yesterday afternoon in my parents' house in preparation for my new tap dancing classes, which begin next week. Yes, I've transfered from ballet to tap and already I've been reveling in the difference between tapping about the house in your ordinary shoes - even ones with hard soles - and gloriously flapping away in shoes with metal taps on the soles. So satisfying! So incredibly noisy! And the shoes look really cool - a few years ago I considered actually wearing them out and about. But mostly, they are great for dancing in, and I have just spent ten exhausting minutes time-stepping and flapping away to 'The Continental' with great enthusiasm.

Alas, I have had to wait until now when I am alone in the house to dance with real gusto, as the noise can be somewhat....annoying for those who are not in a dancing mood. But I am not the only person in the house producing an annoying noise. No! On Saturday I had a giveaway of my many, many spare review books, and one of the guests was a friend of Patsington who returned Patsington's trumpet, which has been thankfully absent from our lives for months. Patsington can't play the trumpet very well, and produces a dreadful squawking sound, so between that and my ferocious tapping, the house is, well, not exactly placid. We have discussed starting the most annoying band in the world, which would consist of him playing the trumpet while I tapped a beat, but decided that no audience could stand it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some more dancing to do. Heel toe, heel toe, hop, flap flap AND STAMP....
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