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manly is as manly does

The New York Times' Walter Kirn very amusingly reviews Harvey Mansfield's anti-feminist tome Manliness. This line made me laugh out loud:
After a section on the history of "the great explosion of manliness that took place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries"(an image that gives even me, a straight man, erotic chills)....

daegaer, I think you have to read this book.

The NY Times also recently featured an interview with the goonish Mansfield. The interviewer Deborah Solomon is frankly amazed by her subject's old fashioned sexism, at one stage remarking "I am beginning to wonder if you have ever spoken to a woman.". I loved the last few exchanges:
Solomon: Yes, but fewer jobs depend on that sort of physical brawn as society becomes more technologically adept. Physical advantages are practically meaningless now that men are no longer hunter-gatherers.

Mansfield: I disagree with that.

When was the last time you did something that required physical strength?

It's true that nothing in my career requires physical strength, but in my relations with women, yes.

Such as?

Lifting things, opening things. My wife is quite small.

What do you lift?

Furniture. Not every night, but routinely.

Now we know what lies at the heart of masculinity - routine furniture lifting!
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