The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

fancy a brandy?

For several months now, my Saturday afternoons have been spent doing one thing: lying on the couch watching Inspector Morse. I love Inspector Morse! I particularly love the fact that in almost every investigation Morse encounters a slightly butch husky-voiced woman in her forties. This woman is usually a bit of a dipsomaniac (rather like Morse) with an artistic job and during his conversation with her (which will take place in her slightly bohemian flat) she will say something like "fancy a brandy, Morse?" Erudite fliration will then ensue.

It never gets anywhere, though. Poor Morse. His hopes must be raised every time - "Ah!" he thinks, "another slightly butch husky-voiced woman! I wonder will she go to the opera with me?" But even if she does go to the opera/pub/university function with him (and they sometimes do) one or more of the following will always happen.

1. She will be murdered. Sometimes because the murderer hates Morse and wants to make him even more miserable.

2. Her ex-boyfriend/husband will make a surprise appearance when she and Morse are having a warm ale in that nice-looking pub by the Cherwell

3. She will turn out to be the murderer.

Morse just can't win! I don't understand why he's not more successful with the ladies.

Anyway, it turns out that I won't be able to watch him unsuccessfully woo a husky-voiced trombone player this week because it's not on! I missed it last week so I don't know whether they have actually reached the end of the run - they've been showing every single episode over the last few months. What will I do on Saturday afternoons now? I might even have to leave the house and do something productive.
Tags: the drug of the nation
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