The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

I lost my keys! And what's worse, I lost my lovely wooden William Morris-looking lovespoon keyring. I was very upset by this tragedy, caused (I think) by my own rash foolishness in taking off my parka yesterday afternoon when joining Patsington at Lemon. I carried the parka in my arms as we went back to the car, which was parked about ten minutes walk away in Merrion Square. But my keys were in the pocket, and I realise now that they could have fallen out at any stage en route. Woe!

But! Every cloud has a silver lining (well, not every cloud, but some of them) and I am pleased to report that although I have not found my keys, I did fashion a new keyring out of some beads, which gave me the warm glow of creativity (or something). And even better, about an hour ago Patsington went down to the key-cutter-cum-cobbler at the shopping centre to get his key copied for me, and to make me laugh he got me a puppy key! A key with an image of a puppy on it! It's kind of deranged, like many of my favourite things. Behold!

Click on the image to see the full-size puppy key in all its glory.

In fact, I think this classy combo is BETTER than the stuff I lost. A silver lining indeed.
Tags: day by day, patsington
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