The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

heaven, i'm in heaven

To celebrate my mad tapping skillz, I splashed out this afternoon and bought a fabulous Fred and Ginger box set, featuring four '30s classics. I've just watched Top Hat, which I loved as a kid but haven't seen for about 20 years. And oooooh, it was fabulous. The music is, of course, brilliant, and the dancing is just so amazing that it actually made me laugh out loud with delight, particularly 'Isn't It A Lovely Day?'. And tomorrow I'm going to a wedding, so I'll actually have a chance to wear a floaty(ish) '40s dress (just ten years late) and swan around a dance floor. Sadly, although my silvery high-heeled sandals are technically dancing shoes, there will probably be no tapping. Unless, of course, I get really, really drunk.
Tags: fillums, look at me i'm dancin' crazy
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