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There's a very good article in today's Observer on abortion debates in Mississipi. But look at this:
It seems amazing that the richest, most powerful nation on earth could pass a law that would put its women's reproductive health choices on a par with those in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Haiti.

You know, there's a country missing from that list. A country that's not a million miles away from the one in which this article was printed. And it's the hypocritical sanctimonious country that hides abortion under the carpet, because no (white, Irish) women die from illegal abortions when they can get a ferry to Wales and get one there. And I firmly believe that if we didn't have Britain there to take care of our problems, we'd have legislated for abortion long ago.


Apr. 3rd, 2006 07:11 am (UTC)
I went to a talk a couple of years ago by a doctor from Doctors for Choice, who pointed this out, too. She said that what had to happen in Ireland was probably what happened in England. Rather than lobbying for legalisation, it would need to be a number of people calling for a change, which would show doctors that they would have public support for performing abortions. Then, it would be up to doctors to start performing them, and then take it to court, not the other way around.

Until then, Ireland will just export the whole issue, which is very sad. And while I'm not a poverty-stricken African woman, it makes me even sadder that it is, at its most extreme, illegal for me to have sex, given the risk, and given the now strict laws surrounding foreign women's bodies. For one, if I have a child in Ireland, I am no longer entitled to anything. My child could not be a citizen. I would be breaking all kinds of laws if I stayed, and if I went back to the US, I would be equally ineligible for anything.

If I got pregnant and chose to have an abortion, I would have to flee the country like a criminal in order to do it. In other words: foreign women are whores, but need to be controlled even more than the already-unruly Irish woman. Ok, this is looking at it at its most extreme, but any time my period has been late, it's freaked me out that no matter what I do, being pregnant, as a foreign woman living in Ireland, involves illegality or illegitimacy of some kind. Foreign women in Ireland have nothing resembling a choice, even with the option of going to England.


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