The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

what ho!

At some stage I'll write an entry that isn't about an adaptation of a book I love, but not yet. Because I had mixed feelings about the new Radio 4 Code of the Woosters which I'd been greatly looking forward to. Why, oh why, did the adapter and producer feel the need to insert whacky sound effects and other slapstick capers? Totally unneccessary. And I got the impression that Marcus Brigstocke was trying too hard not to sound like Giles Wemmbley-Hogg, and so he sometimes sounded a bit strained instead (the funniest bits were the bits when he sounded like Giles, who sounds like Bertie anyway).

In non-pedantic news, two stout robins have fashioned a nest in our back garden! I'd noticed a robin hanging around the end of the garden, but the other day we noticed that it kept flying into the ivy that covers the garden wall. And yesterday there were two robins, who kept gathering twigs and bits of grass and taking them into the same secluded spot. The temptation to take a peek is great, but I'll keep off their territory...
Tags: kultur, pedant i'm a pedant, robins in the garden, wild beasts
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