The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

get on the floor and let's dance some more

Recently, in real life not on teh interbets, I have been ranting about the lack of good places to go out dancing. But lo, a new club is starting whose playlist looks rather like my record collection! In fact, its remit is almost exactly the same as Bon Bon, the short-lived club run by my friend C and I about five or six years ago. Funnily enough, we were just talking about Bon Bon on Friday night and I was announcing my intention to start a new club run by laydeez (all suggestions welcome, Dublin birds). But perhaps this new one will do to be going on with.

Of course, the people who run it appear to be about ten (well, early 20s) so we would probably be the equivalents of the sad old people who used to turn up at McGonagles when I was 16 and in retrospect weren't particularly sad or indeed particularly old - probably about 22, in fact. Oh, the ravages of time....
Tags: dublinia, musik non stop
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