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Apr. 13th, 2006

Oh God, the TWoP recaps of Doctor Who make my skin crawl. They're filled with lines like "He gets very far away all of a sudden, in his face." It's an awful shame, because the guy who's doing it is freaking hilarious when he recaps something terrible - it was he who wrote the recap of a Michael Jackson biopic that made me cry with laughter - but it seems that something comes over him when he's recapping something he actually likes, and the result is this hideously precious, affected style that I always think of as "awwwwh!" writing, because you feel like every line should be declaimed in a pretentious voice with "ah!" at the beginning. It's the same in his Battlestar Galactica recaps or, even worse, the Serenity one, which was so pretentious it caused me to feel physical pain. It's even more annoying because I really like all of these programmes, so it's not even that I heartily disagree with the expressed opinions or anything, but the style...oh God, the style...



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Apr. 13th, 2006 01:13 pm (UTC)
Oh god, I know! And he's done a couple of Veronica Mars ones too, and they're dreadful -- it took me three tries to finish this last one, and I'm still not sure why I did. I got about two pages into the Serenity one.
Apr. 13th, 2006 01:32 pm (UTC)
I did finish the Serenity one, if only to see how much more irritating it could get (answer: very, very, very irritating. It wasn't worth going through the whole ten million pages to come to that conclusion).

The bizarre thing is, his snarky recaps are really, really funny. I mean, that Michael Jackson one was hilarious. But the recaps of the programmes he actually likes are fucking atrocious.
Apr. 13th, 2006 01:17 pm (UTC)
I know!! I feel the same way about him. And lately, it seems like he is recapping EVERYTHING. Even last week's Veronica Mars. BAH.
Apr. 13th, 2006 01:29 pm (UTC)
Why oh why is he so popular? Or at least so ubiquitous? He's painful!
Apr. 13th, 2006 01:19 pm (UTC)
Oh my God! He did a hideously 'feelings and emotions' recap of last weeks Veronica. I was aghast, aghast I tell you. I don't read TWOP recaps to learn about the recapper's own angst!
Apr. 13th, 2006 01:24 pm (UTC)
In my excitement at finding you had common style issues with Jacob, I forgot to mention that when I read the line you quote from his Dr Who recap, I instantly went, 'That sounds like last week's horrible Veronica recap.' I suppose we could say that his style is distinctive?
Apr. 13th, 2006 01:29 pm (UTC)
Hee, if by "distinctive" we mean "makes you writhe around in agony"! I am a few weeks behind Veronica AGAIN (last one I saw was the blackmailing gay students one) so I have't read that recap yet. And now I don't want to read it at all!
Apr. 13th, 2006 02:50 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I love, love, love Jacob's Apprentice recaps, and Annie says his American Idol recaps are good too: but I often pass on his recaps of scripted stuff, although its more a 'meh' than a 'ugh' for me. (Although when Galactica had its slump in the second half of season 2, the snark improved). My main problem with his Dr. Who recaps is that he doesn't seem to really grok that the show is designed to cater to a huge range of ages all at the same time, and sometimes just can't breeze past something irrelevant that was obviously stuck in there for an eight-year-old.
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