The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Oh God, the TWoP recaps of Doctor Who make my skin crawl. They're filled with lines like "He gets very far away all of a sudden, in his face." It's an awful shame, because the guy who's doing it is freaking hilarious when he recaps something terrible - it was he who wrote the recap of a Michael Jackson biopic that made me cry with laughter - but it seems that something comes over him when he's recapping something he actually likes, and the result is this hideously precious, affected style that I always think of as "awwwwh!" writing, because you feel like every line should be declaimed in a pretentious voice with "ah!" at the beginning. It's the same in his Battlestar Galactica recaps or, even worse, the Serenity one, which was so pretentious it caused me to feel physical pain. It's even more annoying because I really like all of these programmes, so it's not even that I heartily disagree with the expressed opinions or anything, but the style...oh God, the style...
Tags: kultur, twop
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