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barsine has returned from her trip to visit alices in Japan, and she came bearing gifts! So I am now the proud owner of several items (hedgehog sticky-tape amongst them) that could only have come from the land of the rising sun. And I am also the owner (courtesy of daegaer, who joined barsine and me for crepes and booze last night) of a Japanese TV show called, fantastically, Antique Bakery. I haven't watched it yet but if it's anything like the other Japanese televisual wonders to which La daegaer has introduced me over the years, it will be a wonder to behold - Yami No Matsuei is still my favourite, being both deranged and genuinely good. After receiving these treasures I was yearning to travel to the mysterious east, but managed to console myself later in the evening with the birthday celebration of my latest friend to turn 31. God, we're all so old.

This afternoon Patsington and I headed off on safari in the Lehaunstown lane, where we encountered our old muckers Kevin Anyway and Amigo. No sign of Jazzy Monaghan and co, alas, but two slightly odd animals are enough for one afternoon. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, too - proper spring weather - and after our walk we went to the Italian place in the village and feasted on seafood pasta. Which, we realised afterwards, meant that we were keeping to the letter but definitely not not the spirit of the Good Friday dietary restrictions. Do even agnostic ex-Catholics get unconscious attacks of Catholicism?
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