The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
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call the doctor

Oh my God, how much better than Christopher Ecclestone is David Tennant? A million times better. But Billie Piper was fantastic tonight too - her or rather Cassandra's attempts to speak "like a Cockney" were particularly hilarious. And I liked how Cassandra's contempt for Rose's "chavvishness" highlighted the nasty snobbishness of the whole "chav scum" mindset. Also, it was quite scary (I would have been utterly terrified of the zombie patients when I was a kid) and yes, the "pass it on" bit was schmalzy, but I am a sap so I didn't mind at all. In short: a good beginning to the series. And we have thirteen weeks to go! Huzzah!

In fact, new Doctor Who was the icing on a veritable cake of a day, which began with a lazy and delicious brunch in Dun Laoghaire with Patsington, followed by a stroll down the pier and a trip to M&S to stock up on lovely food and wine. Then we spent an afternoon on the couch reading and drinking tea and talking rubbish and listening to Gilberto Gil and Os Mutantes. Then there was delightful Doctor Who. And now we are going to eat the food and drink the wine and watch Sullivan's Travels on DVD. Everyday ife doesn't really get much better than this.
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