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get your tassels out for the lads

Ooof. I am so full of eggs benedict and smoked salmon I can barely move. Patsington and I made our semi-regular weekend brunch trip to Dun Laoghaire, and our feast was delicious. This was enhanced by the fact that summer has arrived all of a sudden. Seriously, it's like summer was just turned on by a switch. One minute we're all wearing hats, the next we're able to walk around outside with no coat. It's gorgeous!

In fact, this has been a rather jolly weekend all round. Last night Patsington, glitzfrau, biascut, two LJ-less chums and I went to the Tassel Club burlesque show, which was great fun. Remarkably little nekkidness, but an utterly fabulous MC - whip smart, great voice, very funny. The show ended all too soon, but I was looking forward to dancing afterwards to what we had been led to believe would be jazz and '40s swing. Alas, the DJ insisted on playing crappy disco records, apart from a too brief interlude of northern soul and the Jam, which revealed that he was a secret Mod. But it was a fun night anyway, and I got tipsy and talked far too much in a very loud voice. I've been actively trying to stop this side effect of drunkenness (Note to real life friends: yes, I know I talk a lot when I'm not drunk too, but you must admit it gets worse after a couple of glasses of wine), but I certainly lapsed last night. Of course, as barsine once told me, if the worst thing you ever do when you're drunk is talk too much, it's not too bad. But still.

In nature news, our new avian neighbours Christopher Robin and Robin of Sherwood seem to be thriving in their ivy-covered nest. When I told barsine that robins had nested in the garden her immediate reaction was horror. I was confused - who doesn't like robins? But she was worried that Ju Ju might get them. I had to remind her that it was Ju Ju we were talking about, not barsine's brave and adventurous cats. Christopher Robin and Robin of Sherwood seem to realise this too. This morning she was lolling on the garden table while the small redbreasts pranced about her gathering nest material. She really is embarrassingly unthreatening...


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Apr. 23rd, 2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
I saw a robin in my garden today!
Apr. 23rd, 2006 10:07 pm (UTC)
Robin of Loxley!
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