The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

the midget faints again

It's been several days now, and I still keep finding myself singing snatches of 'Trapped in the Closet', particularly my favourite lines, like the gently trilled "the midget faints again" and "Bridget was allergic to cherries!" The thing is, apart from the hilarity aspect, 'Trapped in the Closet' is a terrible, terrible song. So this is not a good thing.

Of course, this isn't helped by the fact that my sister and I are sending each other texts like "the midget is the baby's......daddy!" and "How do YOU know Chuck and Rufus?" We are enabling each other's addiction.

Speaking of addiction, new Doctor Who! Mmmmmm, David Tennant. Oh, I'm sorry, there were other elements? Anyway, it was very scary, and very funny, and it looked great. This new series rocks. Also, in the episode commentary on the BBC website, David Tennant says that he wanted the Doctor to wear specs all the time but the powers that be said no. So he was glad to get to wear specs in this episode, especially because he wanted the doctor to be "the hero for all the speccy kids in school, because I was one of those speccy kids so it means a lot to me." Awwwww.

Oh, and I had a scrambled egg on toast after all. Huzzah for eggs!
Tags: doctor who, trapped in the closet
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