The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Oh my God. I am really knackered, partly because I was out late(ish) at a gig last night and then woke up really early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. In fact, I didn't go out tonight because I wanted to have an early night. And yet there is no point in my going to bed. Why? Oh, just guess. Yes, Mr Next Door and his youthful ladyfriend have sailed off on (snerk) "Air Nautique" again, and his unsupervised offspring have got their mates around.

But! It's even worse than usual. Because one of the party has got hold of an electric guitar and an amp. And she or he has been playing the intro to 'Smoke on the Water' for about two hours. Very, very, very badly. In fact s/he hasn't actually managed to make it through the opening notes yet. Remember that amazing Freaks and Geeks episode where Lindsay persuades Nick that the band needs to practice and they end up playing the intro to 'Smoke on the Water' for hours on end until they all hate it and the band splits up? Well, that's what this sounds like. Except in this case it's neither funny nor entertaining. In fact, it's torturous.

Oh God, now the phantom crap guitarist is playing 'Axel F' on the guitar, with typical skill. I shudder to think what horror I'll hear next....
Tags: bastard neighbours
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