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the call of the wild

Oh dear.

It's finally happened. Ju Ju's dormant bloodlust has awoken. A few minutes ago I looked out the window to see Ju Ju at the bottom of the garden gazing up longingly at the ivy which conceals the next of Christopher Robin and Robin of Sherwood. I thought it was just a coincidence - our avian chums having pranced about Ju Ju before, provoking no outrage - until she started trying to climb up the ivy. Christopher Robin (or possibly Robin of Sherwood) perched at the very top of the ivy, sillhouetted against the sky, crying out in warning, while Robin of Sherwood (or possibly Christopher Robin) stood on the shed, chirruping right back. I opened the door and demanded Ju Ju's return, but she just meowed at me and went on scratching at the ivy. Eventually, as I was in my bare feet, I had to grab Patsington's shoes which for reasons unknown were in the kitchen, put them on and stagger across the wet lawn to the ivied wall, whereupon I grappled with an uncooperative Ju Ju and wrangled her back into the house.

I think CR and RoS are probably safe, as there's no way the stout Ju Ju could actually climb up that ivy. But still, it's rather alarming to see her finally respond to the call of the wild...
Tags: ju ju, robins in the garden, wild beasts
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