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Are you pleasantly plump, or chunky?

Okay, it's more from the favourites list....

elliott smith: a melancholy pop maestro. I love him,.

fairy tales I've always loved fairy tales, especially the dark, weird original versions. Wrote a lot about them in college, too.

feminism Well, I think it's self explanatory. If it's not? Well, people who have feminist beliefs but don't want the "label" of feminism annoy me. For me, it's not a label; it's a badge of honour. And if it was good enough for the people who got me the vote and the right to control my fertility, well, it's good enough for me.

folk implosion a band I like, possible more than they deserve. Their first album was the soundtrack to my glorious summer in Boston, in 1997.

francoise hardyA French ye-ye girl. One of my musical heroines. And very, very, very cool.

frayJoss Whedon's 'Slayer of the Future' comic. Fucking brilliant. And the long awaited part seven is coming out in a few months! Who hoo!

freaks and geeks Ah, F&G. One of my favourite television programmes ever. Truly wonderful, with a perfect teen-girl heroine. I could identify way more with Lindsay than with Angela Chase.

french pop: I love it, from France gall to Air.

george gershwin His pop songs had great tunes and great lyrics; his symphonies were just indescribably beautiful. And 'Rhapsody in Blue' swirls in my head every single time I view the Manhattan skyline.

german Well, it's the only non-English language I'm fluent in, these days. I have to put it in. Plus I devoted four years of my university life to studying it. I wrote a thesis on Brecht, people! I served my time in the Germanic studies pen!

gilbert and sullivan: I am the Pirate Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! I love Gilbert and Sullivan. they are so middle class and jolly and uncool, and I adore them anyway, and always have since I performed in the Mikado at the age of seven.

hairspray My favourite film ever. Are YOU "pleasantly plump, or....chunky?"


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Jan. 27th, 2003 04:29 pm (UTC)
Francoise Hardy! My mum really likes her, and when I was sixteen or seventeen and worked in an Italian restaurant, me and my Italian boss once spent the whole evening listening to Francoise Hardy songs and chatting because we didn't have any customers.

**wanders off humming Tous les garcons et les filles de mon age...**
Jan. 28th, 2003 06:22 am (UTC)
Hey, you know, if you want anything by her, I can burn you a few CDs if you like....
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