The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

bag lady

As I announced the other day, I have been in a state of bag-making frenzy recently. Here is but one of my many creations, fashioned for none other than jane_the_23rd. It's made out of gingham oilcloth overlaid with clear oilcloth decorated with cherries. Luckily, I took the photo with my phone so you can't see the wonky stitching, heh heh.Also, I made the gusset (urgh) too wide so the bag is now a rather odd tube-like shape (although it's actually symmetrical - it's just sort of squashed down in the photo). But still, you can carry stuff around in it, and that's what counts. Ta-da!

Note the Nivea Factor 20 sitting next to my mug of tea! It really was sunny yesterday afternoon.
Tags: bag lady, crafty
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