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you know what all those beatniks meant by 'tea',don't you?

Well, that's not what I mean here. I'm talking about honest to God proper black Lyons Gold Blend tea. And how I can't stop drinking it.

I've always been horrified by the fact that America is a virtually tea free land. I mean, anywhere you have to specify "hot tea" is just plain wrong. And as for the fact that hardly anyone has an electric kettle, and make tea on the stove or even in a microwave - well, words fail me. When my poor parents moved to D.C., they spent ages looking in shops for an electric kettle and couldn't actually find one in the end. That's very hard for a poor Irish (or British) person. I remember the first time I was in an American cafe and discovered that it didn't actually serve any non-herbal tea. It was like going into a mcDonald's that didn't serve burgers. It was, like, defeating the purpose of a cafe type place. Freaky.

The first Summer I spent in Boston, Isabel and I took over a box of irish tea bags, and we managed to make them last for ages by using one bag between us. Of course we were helped by the fact that we were poverty stricken students and had bought all our kitchen ware in a thrift shop, and so had to boil or water in a bockety old saucepan which splashed all over the place when you tried to pour anything out of it. Making tea was not only a hassle, it was dangerous. But still, we managed to keep on drinking it! Addicts are like that.

Of course, I can't be too hard on the yank attitude to tea. Boston, after all, has the glorious Tea-Luxe, my favourite cafe(s) in the world, with a zillion different sorts of tea. Which is more than we have here, for example, so you know, they do appreciate tea too. But do they drink it constantly, eh? Do they? I think not.

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying that I'm on my fifth cup of the day, which is a bit freaky seeing as it's just one o'clock. How much caffeine can one girl take?
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