The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Sweet, sweet internet! How nice to have you back. Well, sort of. Thanks to some sort of network fault, we have had no broadband all weekend. And we still don't. And according to our craptastic ISP, we may not have it until tomorrow. So I gave in and dug out the old phone cord and am WRITING THIS ON A DIAL UP. Oh, the horror. And the expense. So, this update on my weekend's activities will be brief. Since Friday I have:

Bid farewell to glitzfrau. See you in Berlin, Glitz!

Finally picked up my first ever bespoke item of clothing - the most beautiful, beautiful coat in the world. It is fabulous and unsurpisingly it fits like a glove. In fact, it fits so much better than any other item of clothing I have ever owned that wish I could afford to have all my clothes specially made for me. But I can't. Photo of this wonder coat will be forthcoming.

Met up with my sister Busta J and her beau, who are over from London for the weekend, and ate our weight in proper Chinese food.

Finally caught up with Veronica Mars, including the finale, to which all I can say is what the fuck? I could totally buy Beaver as a killer, but only as a sad, fucked up one, not a cold-blooded moustache-twirling villain. And there were just too many red herrings - did we ever actually get an explanation for the explosives found in the hangar used by Cook but owned by Woody? I don't think we did. And the fact that Gia's dad told her not to get on the bus, and that he rang to see where she was just before the crash? But the thing that pissed me off was Beaver's character transformation, and not just because he was my favourite character. I thought it could have been moving if he was upset by what had happened, that he knew he'd done evil things but not because of some sort of cold-blooded plan, but the taunting and the tazering of Veronica - who has always been a friend to him - was not right. And as for the news that he was the rapist - I suppose that was convincing, but I didn't like the implication that Beaver was secretly gay and hence that gay=abuse victim =fucked-up-murderer. The whole thing did not work for me at all. I am very disappointed.

Went to the dentist for the first time in over a year to be told, yet again, that my teeth are perfect! Huzzah! Thirty years and no fillings. Of course, while it is nice to be told that at least one part of you is perfect, it did make me realise that it was kind of a waste of ninety quid (ninety! To be told nothing is wrong and then have my teeth polished!). But still, I'm not going to give up on dental visits. I just wish they weren't so crazily expensive.

And now I've been on the dial-up for too long, so I must away until our broadband comes back. Perhaps I'll actually get some work done....
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