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I put up a washing line yesterday. Hooray for me! Actually, it was quite tricky - one end of it had to be tied to a hook on the wall of the house (not so hard) but the other end had to be tied to the sturdy branches of ivy that grow against the wall at the end of the garden, which involved lots of convoluted knot tying and leaf-inhaling (there's a lot of ivy). But anyway, there's now a 30 foot washing line in the back garden, and I put it up all by myself.

I am hoping that this large washing line will encourage Patsington and his wee bro Freyne 2 to stop using the bloody tumble drier for all their laundry. The inspiration of my clothes horse doesn't seem to have worked, but perhaps the delightful sight of fresh washing dancing in the breeze outside will do something. Or probably not. Seriously, I love Patsington's family, but they're the most environmentally unfriendly bunch in the world, not least because they assume a tumble drier is the default way of drying clothes. I, on the other hand, was brought up by my green mother to believe that the tumble drier is the last resort, to be used only in emergencies and when drying bed linen in winter. Since moving out here three years ago I have been using my stylin' clothes horses, but sadly Patsington and Freyne 2 have not followed my example.

Yes, I plough a lonely green furrow here with my low-energy light bulbs and my hankies instead of paper tissues (hankies from Liberty, no less, which are no more expensive than hankies from M&S and much, much prettier). And of course, I could do much better - we don't have a compost bin (I can't drive so I can't get one myself), and I only buy the limited amount of Ecover cleaning stuff that's on sale in my local Dunnes, because I always forget to get it in town. But still, at least I'm trying, unlike the Freyne men, who apparently won't rest until they have a hole in the ozone layer named after them. Or at least a enormous bloody electricity bill.
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