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Oh God, the lives of our annoying little bastard neighbours took a nasty turn last night. At about half past two in the morning, Patsington and I were awoken by shouting coming from next door - a teenage boy's voice yelling very aggressively. We recognised the voice as the evident boyfriend of one of the two girls next door, as we have previously heard him having whining tantrums in the middle of the street in the wee hours of the morning ('But you DON'T LOVE ME!'). This time, however, he was screaming in rage at the girl and calling her a cunt and it sounded very nasty. And then we heard a crash, and screams, and Patsington (and Freyne 2, who had woken up too) had their trousers on and were out banging at next door's front door in about two seconds while I rang the police.

It turns out that the mild mannered Patsington has a very authorative voice when he's trying to intimidate someone, and soon the little fucker was whining that he hadn't done anything even though his girlfriend was trying to get him to leave the house and was in tears. Hekept going "but she's my girlfriend!" as if that made any difference. She said that he didn't hit her but she was kind of hysterical, and eventually her charming paramour left, swearing as he stomped down the street.

She was left on her own in the house. She assured Patsington and she would get friends to call over to her (and we heard people arrive about ten minutes later), but where the hell was her father when all this was going on? On his fucking yacht as usual, that's where. And as soon as it pulls up outside the house, I can assure you that Patsington and I will be in there telling him just what a negligent arsehole he is.
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