The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

Just yesterday I caught sight of my copy of Kate Atkinson's last novel Case Histories on the shelf, which made me wonder when she'd publish another novel. I love Atkinson's work, and she herself is absolutely lovely and a big Buffy fan, as I discovered when I interviewed her. So I was trying to remember when Case Histories came out and wondering if she'd had enough time to write a new one since then.

But she had! Because today I went in to talk to one of my many editors and lo, what is sitting there waiting for me but Kate Atkinson's new novel, One Good Turn! Huzzah! It was a delightful (and timely) surprise.

In other cultural news, I'm kind of in love with Russell Brand's radio show. I loathed him when he first appeared on on that godawful MTV show back in the mid-90s, but I started to rather like him when I realised that when he was talking to pilled-up clubbers in Ibiza, he kept making references to really bizarre and strangely erudite things. And now he has a radio show, and it is utterly hilarious. He also plays brilliant music - on the most recent show, which I listened to this morning, he played Bowie, the Pogues, Jackie Wilson, Sparks, the Cure, the Kinks and Guns 'n' Roses. Eclectic but all rather good, and some of which had me dancing about the kitchen with a surly Ju Ju in my arms. Excellent music + strange camp "randy dandy" + his co-presenters who are endearingly funny rather than the usual boorish lads that serve the DJ's-sidekick role (one of them supposedly "dresses like Alan Bennett")= an excellent soundtrack to some summery pottering about the house.
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