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the behemoth

Ju Ju has developed a new routine. She's long insisted on being let out of the house just before Patsington and I go to bed, then waking us up an hour later by shouting on our bedroom windowsill and demanding to be let in. But the summer weather has made things easier. She still insists on being let out, but because our bedroom window is now wide open at night, she just marches in. Which means every morning we wake up to find her sleeping on our bed, curled up in a snug and furry ball. To save our lovely Cath Kidston duvet cover, I have fashioned a sleeping mat out of a raggy old pair of pyjama bottoms and laid it at the bottom of the bed, and Ju Ju, with atypical courtesy, has taken to her new bedding. It's rather cute, really, or it would be if she didn't now wake up at about half six, waddle over to the door and shout until we let her out again. Ah, Ju Ju. You'll always find a way of expressing your surly, demanding nature...



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Jun. 14th, 2006 12:27 pm (UTC)
You really can't win, can you?

Sometimes I keep the bedroom door closed - in which case, both cats will sit outside and paw it while mewling pathetically. (Muffin's alternate strategy is to charge the door repeatedly, until it finally opens.) Sometimes I leave it open - in which case I'm liable to be visited in the night by cats leaping up on top of me, and/or sticking their noses in my face...
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