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who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Did you miss him?
There's nothing weird about me being wrong, though.

You can say that again.

The last few seasons of the U.S. version -- ever since 9/11 -- have involved secret conspiracies and double-agent tricks: twins switching out for each other, secret preexisting relationships, old romantic failures that erupt into violence. Not knowing who your neighbors are. Wolves at the door.

You're talking about Big Brother, for the love of God! Lay off the bad-poetry speak!

And he gets those eyes, above the grin, with all the love in the world: "Dead sweet!" I like the Doctor.

Good for you! Ugh.

He nods at a solid black wall: "Isn't there supposed to be a garden out there?" Not since Adam and Eve. Maybe before. I knew his nightmare was being stuck in a box.

WHAT? What does that even mean? He's mad! MAD!

I told you that I saw "The Christmas Invasion," "The Empty Child," and "The Doctor Dances" on New Year's, and "the beginning of the Big Brother one." And it was at this point, bless them, that LisaDiane and Joey look at each other, in the dark, over my sweet little head, and said in unison, "no." And Joey turned this shit right off. Made the hairs on my neck stand up, because how deep or awful could this possibly go, right? So deep, so awful, and I'm glad they did, as we'll see by the end of this episode.

It's Dr Who, not Primo Levi. Get a hold of yourself, man.

I was just out of college and going through my whole Baader-Meinhof period

*Sighs* I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Are we meant to believe that Jacob formed a socialist terrorist gang and tried to blow up a publishers and got sent to prison and then escaped and held an embassy hostage? Or is he just a pretentious buffoon? I wish the prison part was true, anyway. We probably wouldn't be reading these godawful recaps then.

Strood and Lynda hold their arms to make an archway for her to walk through. That's pretty cool. All we have like that is Tailhook. I imagine when the house is full it's a pretty interesting feeling to walk through that human arch. I bet you feel loved, or something. In the American version, there's a ritual when the eviction nominees are revealed, in which a box is revolved around the dinner table and the first person receives his housekey (like with the TARDIS, it means that you can stay), and then pulls out another key, which they hand to the person with the ritual phrase, "Strood. You are safe." That ritual is my favorite part of the whole show, because I like the words and the repetition of safety and hearth, but also because the person who puts the keys into the box determines the order, so you can point out people's secret alliances by making them tell each other they're safe, or make people sweat it out until the end, and that's like the most beautiful form of art to me.

You know, every time I think he can't reveal himself to be even more of a pompous arse, he starts going on about the beauty of human relationships and keys and ancient rituals and he proves me wrong.

Now, this bit is long, but it's just so appalling that I think it must be quoted in full, although I'm not sure my critical powers are up to disecting it.
I won't go to the broken-camera place again exactly, except: when we line up every week to watch these people die -- when one single episode where nobody dies is reason to dance -- isn't the difference that they're something fictional? And wouldn't Strood's blasé reply tell you that this is the same thing? I don't want to be trite, but I do feel like there's a point to routing every third angle through the surveillance cameras. Number one being that in a surveillance culture, everyone's a star, but also: if Rose died, wouldn't that make you sad? Sadder than if Lynda with a "Y" died, for example? And when people die on the news, how sad is that? You can't feel every death like it's your grandma, but the horror here compared to that is not across a gap; it's just a matter of degree. I'm not taking a moral stand, just saying the exaggeration in this story isn't located precisely where I thought it was, because the truth still stands that if you're not tasting your entertainment with your whole tongue, you're starving and it's your own fault.

Oh God. Look, I've wept over TV programmes - I've been reduced to a snotty, sobbing heap by TV programmes - but yes, the difference between my reaction to Buffy killing Angel and my reaction to, say, my Aunt Peggy dying was a matter of A FUCKING HUGE DEGREE. Just because I don't actually go into mourning at the death of fictional characters doesn't mean that I don't really appreciate art or entertainment. I don't know how Jacob manages to reduce me to the sort of wanker who goes "for fuck's sake, it's not real" at someone's emotional reaction to fiction, but he does. Cheers, Jacob. You knob.

Just like bad stuff's never as bad as you think, the unarmed are never as helpless as you think.

Um, yes, in fiction. You want to go tell that to someone in a concentration camp, Jake? Didn't his "Baader-Meinhof period" teach him anything?

verybody with a TV in the UK pays their license, which is more than you'd think, and that's why British TV is good. I have had it explained to me any number of times, and I still don't get exactly how it works, but that's it: own a TV, turn it on, pay your license.

You don't get how it works? You pay your money and it goes to the BBC! Which isn't the only channel in the UK, Jacob, you moron. Jesus.

Who's the Demiurge to the Controller's Archon? Who's the Fake Bastard God that's got the world convinced it's real this time? Whom of all the evils in the universe and time and space is the Doctor going to have to smack the shit out of this time, and play Milton's Lucifer to?


These Ahriman tales, they always end up with the God stuck inside the prison he created. So I guess the question is: is the Doctor strong and smart and good enough to turn Lucifer on his own ass? Of course he is! He's awesome! Or if you like the Gnostic story better: who's going to be the Sophia that breaks it all back down into divinity?

Oh good, those Ancient Mythology and Comparative Religions classes you took for one term in college paid off. You're not actually impressing anyone, you know.

Even as they're cuffing him, he looks at the dust of Rose, and weeps silently. Security gives a speech, it goes unheard. Half of him is gone.

Wow, that's so poetic. It's about...something beginning with 'i'?

Jack enters the room, and finds the TARDIS standing there. He fits the key into the lock (SEE?) and enters.

Christ, he must have a fit of excitement at the profound symbolism every time he lets himself into his house. SOMETIMES A KEY IS JUST A KEY.

I've got this feeling that the "Long Game" recap might be the best one, in addition to being my favorite episode

Well, it's not like the standard is high. Also, I shudder at the thought of what he'll present us with next week, because I have a feeling that his idea of "best recap" and my idea of "best recap" are very different things.

The reason I was so taken with my Gnostic and Zoroastrian stories in "Long Game" was because I like the subversive take on Lucifer as Redeemer: that if you're trapped in the maze with the Devil, and the Devil wants out, then who is the bad or good guy? And isn't "God" just a fake out for the real God? Ask Milton. But I doubt that's how it'll shake out, like I said. I can't see this show going to the Goddess of Truth vs. the Imperfect Watchmaker route. Still, it's nice to fantasize. Especially given this latest development of the Doctor setting himself up as the False God and seeing how wrong things went for his little insignificant ordinary people, that didn't manage to work it out. Things that go "click" make me feel very smart and I like to feel smart.

You don't say! Wanker. Good thing he also makes sure we all know how smart he is, eh viewers?

If I wrote it, the light of the TARDIS would factor in, but that's just because I've been obsessed since "Father's Day" with the TARDIS as an angel, (aggelos, messenger, minister of grace), as a connection to the true God that is Everything, the infinity of timespace and everything that ever was or will be, in its complex wonder.

I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. I wish I could be more coherent but this is all just so very, very terrible and precious and hateful.

On the plus side, only one more to go! Hurrah!
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