The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

It's not just Jacob who can patronisingly praise British television! Although in this case, the praise isn't even deserved, as the writer (from the New York Times) is praising, of all things, the preposterous and mildly entertaining Hex:
In the meantime she and Thelma flaunt their rapport, and some of the best parts of the show for American viewers might be simply their dippy, peppy Anglicisms, as well as how harsh the girls can be with each other, in the English way. Friends call one another cow, and sincerely say "blimey"; stockings get laddered; they all have a laugh with their mates.

Then they go up the apples and pears for a cup of Rosie Lee. Jolly good! Aren't English people funny, not being American and everything? Also, seriously, I bet they weren't wearing actual stockings. We call them tights, woman! And what else can you say but "laddered" to describe that hosiery phenomenon?
British viewers have been ambivalent on this subject, as on most features of this beautiful, intelligent, imperfect show.

If by "beautiful" and "intelligent" you mean "camp" and "cheesy", that makes perfect sense. If not...did we see the same programme?
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