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this moment is different from any before it, this moment is different it's now

Patsington has long been used to the, shall we say, eccentricities of the Stellanova-leedy family, but he certainly got a full blast of it last night at dinner in the family seat, when we started a scary hippy sing song. At their wedding back in 1971, my parents, like the artsy hippies they were (and it appears to some extent still are) sang a song by The Incredible String Band called 'This Moment . And last night the topic of the Incredibles came up, and I demanded to hear my childhood favourite 'The Hedgehog Song' (the Incredibles were standard background music when we were growing up, which may explain a lot). Alas, the CD could not be unearthed (the original vinyl could, but the stylus in the record player has broken), so instead Dad put on 'This Moment'.

And lo, poor Patsington (and Mr leedy) found themselves facing four C***ys, transformed into a terrible folk part-singing combo. This song has been engrained into me and leedy since we were in the womb, thanks to my parents' rather sweet habit of singing it on a regular basis, so as soon as the first spindly little Summerisle-esque notes wafted out of the speakers, we were off. The song goes on for about five years (well, not really, but it's long), and by the end Patsington had been sucked in and was singing along too. It really was good fun, though, and we were all in fine form when we bellowed the final notes.

"And now we're going to do 'Summer is Icumin In' and find someone to burn in our giant wicker man," I said.

I have a feeling that few men could stand being linked to a family that sang demented old English folk-rock songs after dinner. I'm rather lucky that the delightful Patsington is one of that few.
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