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is it christmas yet?

Oh, I loved it. A perfect ending to a great series. I thought the Dalek Vs Cybermen war was an inspired move - I know some people thought it was overkill, but I loved it. The emergence of the Daleks at the end of last week's episode was the best reason for not reading spoilers since Giles's return in the Buffy Season 6 finale. And the whole thing was well wrapped up - the parallel worlds allowed the writers to create a convincing departure story for Rose that didn't involve her dying. Of course, I cried at the end (although I also cried quite a bit at the reunion of Jackie and Pete). Poor old Rose. I hope she gets to see the Doctor again. And poor old Doctor, stuck on the Tardis with Catherine Tate. Yikes. Looking forward to Christmas, though...

In non-TV news, Patsington and I met up with several Irish bloggers last night (as well as some of real-life pals), which was fun, and on the way home from the Nitelink we met a hedgehog! A very fast hedgehog, who scuttled along the path at an impressive speed when it saw us. We've seen lots of foxes but this is a first. The wildlife delights of suburbia...


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Jul. 9th, 2006 09:00 pm (UTC)
It was great, wasn't it? I'd thought that the Daleks' appearance at the end of the previous one was a brilliant stroke - it took me completely unawares.

Lots of tears here, too, both for Rose and for Jackie and Pete.

Your mention of Giles's return reminds me of how I actually cheered out loud when he appeared in that episode. Hee!
Jul. 9th, 2006 09:34 pm (UTC)
I am right now rewatching last night's episode on BBC3, and I am crying a second time. I started at 'cos now he's got me' and pretty much didn't stop. Piper and Tennant were so very good -- particularly Tennant, torn between anger and sadness and relief and underlying pleasedness that she came back from Pete's World.

(Hurrah for hedgehogs!)
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