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what i did on my holidays

Oh, it's been so long since I've posted. Dear oh dear. That's what having a job does (yes, if you didn't know - I have a job! I am the assistant editor of a new magazine which is launching in September. It's all very fancy). So here's an update in its easiest form - bullet points. Or numbers, actually, as I can't remember how to do the points. Anyway.

1. I never posted properly about Berlin. The shame! Here's the short version: glitzfrau and biascut were fabulous hosts, Berlin was as wonderful as ever, and Patsington and I are seriously considering relocating there in a few years. It's one of the cities in which I felt at home after my first few hours there back in 1995, and I still love it. Oh, it was not easy to come back to Dublin (and work).

2. Speaking of work, my new job is (a) fun, (b) tiring, (c) exhilarating and (d) very, very fucking stressful. Every so often I feel totally and utterly out of my depth (usually when doing the administration stuff) but then I have to do some editing and it's something I can do well and I really love it. So keep your thumbs held for me in case I manage to screw up some of the administration stuff...

3. I kind of miss working at home, not least because of the whole having-to-get-up-early thing (although not that early - I have to leave the house at nine). But my co-workers are really lovely, and it's great to be around people during the day. Also, the office is a minute's walk from the sea. Every day I walk down the sea front to get a mango and peach smoothie from the cafe by the train station.

4. Me being at work all day means that the house is even messier than usual. We had people over for dinner on Friday, and took the usual step of tidying the kitchen (the sitting room was fine, actually) by flinging loads of stuff into our room. Which was fine until I invited one of our guests in to the aforementioend room to look at some photos on my laptop and realised that our boudoir looked like a bag-filled tip. Oh well.

5. The dinner party was fun, though I had a stinking hangover yesterday, which wasn't helped by the vast amount of cigarettes I had smoked the night before. Ouch. Also, there were a lot of dishes to wash yesterday. Luckily, I had been sensible and rinsed them all off the night before so they weren't all encrusted with pasta. I also left all the pots to soak and washed out the wine and beer bottles, so in general the clean up wasn't as hideous as it could have been.

6. Ju Ju has started going in to the (nice) house next door again. Yesterday my neighbour told me that she was in her kitchen the other day and heard what she thought was Bubbles eating from his bowl. When she turned down she saw that it was the shameless Ju Ju! She is both a thief and a trespasser. Disgraceful.

7. No one makes me laugh more than Patsington.

8. I have the new Hilary McKay book! Only a few people will be impressed by that, but they will understand my joy. I also have Tim Moore's new book (excellent and very funny, as ever) and gideondefoe's long-awaited (well, a year) Pirates book, which was of course fantastic and made me scare people on the bus home from work with my barely suppressed guffaws. It's a sign of my pirate-love that I read the whole thing in about an hour and a half despite the fact it was in the ultra-unreadable unbound form (ie a huge stack of loose A4 pages).

9. I'll try to update more. Honestly.
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