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So, for a while I've been having disproportionate hangovers. It doesn't happen every time I drink - we were consuming quite a lot of wine in Berlin, for example, and I never even felt wobbly the next day. I think I might have had a headache one morning, but it was the sort that clears up after a few glasses of water. So far, so normal for someone who isn't usually a crazed drinker. But every so often I have a hangover that goes far beyond the alcohol consumed - they don't necessarily follow a night of genuine excess (like our dinner party last week, after which I felt a bit ropey but essentially okay), and they usually involve me getting violently sick for about 12 hours.

It happened again after Friday night. I was in the pub and I'd had about three big glasses of wine, diluted into spritzers - certainly enough to feel tipsy and, of course, even more talkative than usual, but not exactly a crazed bender. But then I suddenly felt really, really sick and dizzy and had to go home straight away. Patsington actually wondered if my drink could have been spiked, but when we realised that I'd been sitting at a table of friends all night which could not have been accessed by any strangers, we knew this was impossible. But it was very sudden and very unpleasant - I couldn't even walk straight. By the time I got home I could barely walk and was very, very sick.

So far, so bad. But it was worse the next morning. Despite the fact that I had puked up pretty much everything the night before, I kept getting violently and horribly sick (I didn't realise sick could come out of your nose. Oh, the awfulness.. All day. Until about half ten last night. And let's face it, that's a bit extreme for three big glasses of wine.

So in the late afternoon I was brought to the doctor, and it turns out that I probably have some bizarre bacterial infection in my tummy that is reacting badly with alcohol. Yes! I am not just a bizarre drunken lightweight. I am actually ill! It all makes sense. So they suggested getting that scary camera-down-the-throat thing, which may happen in the future, but for the time being I have to take a bacteria-killing medicine, and let us hope that it stops any repeat performances of yesterday's terribleness.
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