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colonialism: still alive in the minds of British supposed liberals

Hey, the Guardian? Fuck off. While I am delighted that you've produced a British equivalent to the Real Hot 100 list of inspirational women, I am beyond frustrated that among the admirable "British" ladies are the (very admirable) Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan. Why are these women listed as being in Britain? One's Irish, the other is resident here but was brought up in Canada, and they live in Dublin. The piece even mentions the fact that they're now both Irish nationals. I am simply astonished and disgusted by the sheer stupid arrogance that allows the editors to include Irish people in a very specificially British list with absolutely no caveats. What with this and the morons who tried to insist to Radio 1 that Ireland was part of Britain, I'm kind of appalled at the apparent state of the British educational system. How can someone not know the geographical boundaries of their own country? Jesus!

Note that yet again, my sense of nationalism has been roused by the single thing capable of doing so: ignorance of the fact that my native country actually exists independently of Britain.
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