The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

heaven knows i'm (not really) miserable now

I spent much of the summer of 1996 moping over my then-recently-ex boyfriend - who really was not worth it, to a ridiculous degree, but with whom I was still in a band at the time which did make it all a lot worse. This moping was accompanied by mournful cigarettes on the back door step when my parents had gone to bed, writing long and rambling letters to my friends who were away for the summer (which was most of my friends apart from the Mozzer and, actually, Patsington, with whom I went to see Radiohead), and listening to miserable music. This music was usually either Palace or Mazzy Star. I listened to Mazzy Star so much that summer that I still can't listen to them now.

Ten years later, I am not moping over a stupid boy who decided he prefered a psychotic little law student to me, and am in fact rather happy, in general, but I do still like miserable, slightly hazy music. And I've found some good stuff: Howling Bells. It's the best slightly poppy, hazy music I've heard in a long time. And like much of the good music I've discovered recently, I first heard them on Russell Brand's BBC 6music show. It's the third album I've bought by a band I first heard on the show, and they're nearly all bands championed by Trevor Lock. He really does have excellent taste for someone regularly described as dressing like a cross between Alan Bennett and a Jack Russell.
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