The Monkey Princess (stellanova) wrote,
The Monkey Princess

family plug alert!

Last night leedy and I went to see our sister Planet of the Apes (not her real name, you may be surprised to hear) make her stage debut in an adaptation of Dario Fo's Can't Pay? Won't Pay! with the action moved from 1970s Italy to early '80s Dublin. And to our vague amazement, she was fantastic. Seriously, she stole the show. And the show - about a bunch of working class Dubliners who take matters into their own hands when food prices rise - was very, very funny. It's on until Saturday in the theatre at the Teacher's Club on Parnell Square, just across from the Rotunda, and I strongly recommend it. You can see photos of Planet in action here (she's the tall one in the spotted shirt and jeans with the big, big hair).
Tags: familia, kultur
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